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Collision Center

If you’ve been in an accident and your vehicle needs repair, bring it to the expert mechanics and auto body technicians at Tande's Automotive. Our fully certified crew will do everything they can to restore your vehicle to its pre-collision condition. Best of all, we run faster turnaround times and maintain more affordable prices than the competition. Why bother with second best?

Choose your region’s top collision center and get premium collision repair services at affordable rates.

Exhaustive Collision Repair Inspections and Diagnostics

Before we get down to any repair and restoration work, we need to know what the damages are and what caused them. To do this, we’ll begin by noting every dent, scratch, ding, and crack. This process will often lead us to damages to the vehicle’s frame and mechanical components.

Using modern computer technology, we’re now able to get more accurate data than ever before. We can use this information to understand exactly what’s wrong with your vehicle and why. The more information we have, the more accurate and efficient our work will be. That means, faster turnaround times, affordable prices, and most importantly, a road-safe vehicle you can trust.

Collision Repair Center Service Quotes

The result is a comprehensive evaluation of your vehicle’s current condition and the ability to draft an accurate service estimate for the necessary work. By combining computer technology with proven collision inspection techniques, we’re able to draft quotes that don’t miss a single detail. Accurate and reliable, the service quotes from our collision repair shop come with a complete cost breakdown, so you’ll know exactly what you’re paying for. See the value in choosing us, call now.

Experienced Collision Repair Technicians

Everyone on our staff brings years of experience to the table. Certified and insured, they’re trained to repair a wide range of collision-related damages. We boast some of the best mechanics and technicians that the region has to offer. It’s one reason why the work we do is so good, and the results are so reliable.

With a range of service options that includes anything that could be damaged in a collision, we typically work on the following:

  • Dent removal
  • Crack repair
  • Scratch repair
  • Painting
  • Headlight restoration
  • Windshield replacement and repair
  • Auto glass replacement and repair
  • Frame straightening
  • Bumper repair
  • Panel replacement and repair
  • Brake service, replacement, and repair
  • Engine repair

If you need collision repair services, give us a call to book an appointment!

The Affordable and Fast Collision Repair Shop

What does the combination of accurate inspections, top mechanics, and comprehensive services add up to? The fastest and most affordable auto collision center in the region.

It’s all about efficiency. The fewer errors we make during the initial diagnostics, the fewer delays down the road. That means lower prices without lower standards. Accuracy, efficiency, skill, and honesty all come together at Tande's Automotive to create the best, certified collision center in town.

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Being in an accident can be scary. So, when you start driving again, you need to be able to completely rely on your vehicle. We’ll restore your vehicle to its pre-accident condition and give you back a vehicle you can trust.

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